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We believe that iDrive Alberta Driver Education is one of the best driving schools in Alberta. Learning how to drive is no different than learning any other life skill like swimming, cooperating, decision making or information technology. It takes patience, effort, thoughtful repetition, practice and time to form habits and to acquire the confidence, expertise, experience and skills to be a proactive defensive driver.
At iDrive Alberta we focus on teaching new drivers the skills needed to travel safely on Alberta roads. Our goal is your success and our motto is driving skills for life. Our structured lesson plan includes commentary driving, and building a foundation, so that new drivers will know how to adapt to adverse weather conditions, as well as how to drive on different road surfaces, navigate through downtown, freeways, rural highways, unique intersections, traffic circles and all types of parking, including slow speed backing man-oeuvres.

Proactive driving skill

Driving can be risky if you are not planning ahead for hazardous situations on road. So, all our driving courses help you learn and retain proactive driving skills for life. We prepare and help you develop habits which can be lifesaving in situations like collisions, bad weather, drivers with poor habits who are driving beside you, or unexpected situations you may encounter on the road. Our Driving school in Calgary has provided training to 100’s successful drivers. A proactive driver drives cautiously, saving lives and thousands of dollars in insurance premiums. Here's what we advise through proactive driving lessons:


• Leaving 10 - 15 minutes early, can save you from unexpected delays

•  Walking around the vehicle / pre-trip inspection is part of being proactive

•  Route planning based on traffic or weather conditions is being proactive

•  Proper 9 – 3 hand position is important for sudden evasive maneuvers

•  Good visual scanning and appropriate following distance is helpful is recognizing developing situations in time


Insurance reduction certificate and course

Alberta Transportation encourages new drivers to take driver training from professionals; iDrive Alberta is one of the Best Driving schools in Calgary Alberta for the same. In return they issue an insurance reduction certificate for “endorsement U”. This shows one’s dedication towards driver safety and insurance companies honors it. You can avail a good amount of discount from the insurance companies for years if you maintain good driving record. Join our insurance reduction course in Calgary Alberta. Upon completion of the theory part, you have to appear for a written examination. Participant will also be evaluated on his or her driving skills at the end of in-vehicle lessons. Successfully completing both in-vehicle and theory part one will be issued the insurance certificate. Once you get pass in this test, you’ll have a big chance of obtaining handsome discount from your insurance company. So, it’s beneficial for you to apply for the insurance reduction certificate. 

At iDrive Alberta we have different packages to cater to individual learning styles, skill levels and specific needs, a few of our unique attributes are:



• Lessons throughout Calgary, Chestermere and Okotoks area

• Most teen students were referred to us by satisfied graduates or their parents

• Our instructors are patient, knowledgeable, detailed and thorough; we teach proven step-by-step driving techniques

• iDrive Alberta is highly rated on Google and Facebook reviews, thanks to our satisfied students.


• Every lesson is PRIVATE; each Student gets 100% attention for the entire lesson and for their privacy we don’t overlap students.

• We teach how to drive safely, FAR more than the minimum to just pass the in-vehicle road test

• We understand the value of your time and offer pick you up and drop off service at school, work or home

• Our staff is passionate and we strive for excellence. Changing attitudes, one driver at a time


• We offer a wide variety of Driver’s Training Programs. For details click here

• We offer either traditional government approved classroom or government approved online driver education courses to fit your needs. Both programs qualify for a insurance reduction certificate.

• Our most popular Encore package for first time behind the wheel drivers, is designed to get the driver the practice they need, while still maintaining an affordable price range.

• Full Class 5 drivers can get an insurance certificate by choosing our Elevate package.


We also offer 1 hour safety talks for school, community and corporate events.


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Email: info@iDriveAlberta.ca

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In an effective learning environment, students should not only know what they are doing, they should also know why and how.
- Harry Wong